Skilled Nursing

If you have an ailing elderly family member struggling with sickness, our skilled nurses could help with preventive and rehabilitative care of the patient. Skilled nursing differs from assisted living, which only involves helping the elderly with daily activities. Skilled nurses are licensed and qualified nurses who are trained to provide specialized medical care and treatment to patients instead of only assisting with daily activities.

While skilled nursing is typically only offered in hospitals and nursing homes, our home health care agency does things differently. We can help you provide medical care to your family in the comfort of their home. Our skilled nurses have the medical tools, equipment, and knowledge to ensure your ailing loved one has stable vitals and is in a healthy state.

Skilled nurses usually help patients suffering to help with the following illnesses:

Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) work under the supervision of Registered Nurses (RNs) and have a similar job scope to RNs. However, the primary difference between RNs and CNAs is that the latter have less autonomy. But, it is important to note that certified nurses play a crucial role in delivering improved care to the patient.

CNAs typically have a high school degree or equivalent and receive certification from a state nursing board-recognized vocational or community college. CNAs assist patients with:

Ultimately, CNAs must ensure that patients live fit, healthy, and independent lives. Elders at high risk of diseases or falling accidents need supervision and care from trained nurses such as CNAs to prevent injuries. As one of the best home health care providers, we work with the most qualified CNAs who can provide your loved ones with the assistance and care they need.

Certified Home Health Aide

Certified Home Health Aides (CHHAs) are in high demand because of the ease they bring to patients’ lives. They provide a patient part-time or intermittent preventative, rehabilitative, and therapeutic services. The City Department of Health is responsible for monitoring the quality of care offered by CHHAs. CHHAs are vital to the healthcare system as they facilitate a patient’s recovery and provide emotional support to the patient during periods of pain and isolation.

Elderly patients often find themselves in a difficult position. Their deteriorating health could lead to them feeling alone, which makes it necessary for healthcare workers such as CHHAs to work with them and provide the patient with the compassion, patience, and empathy that he needs.

CHHAs job responsibilities include:

Special needs CHHAs assist patients with health problems of a specific nature. This makes special needs CHHAs highly qualified to help patients with a higher degree of risk and trouble dealing with daily tasks.

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